We travel across 5 continents to discover the best botanicals for your company

Solo le migliori spezie ed erbe aromatiche del mondo

Since 1884 knowledge, sourcing and processing


Since 1884 Bauer is preferred partner for expertise and knowledge in the world of botanicals

For more than 100 years Bauer has been supplying companies in the liquor, herbal, cosmetic, food, animal feed, extracts and flavours sectors with the best herbs and spices from more than 60 countries on 5 continents.

We currently import, select and work in our 8000 sqm warehouse more than 400 botanicals choosing the right products, depending on the different requirements. Those who choose Bauer are sure to use herbs and spices sometimes hard to find on the market, of maximum homogeneity and sourced from safe raw materials. This is because we carry out on-the-spot checks of harvests, crops, suppliers and accurate laboratory analyses.

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  • Herbal
    Maximum experience in botanical recognition, research and selection in botanical field
  • Extracts and flavorings
    Extracts and flavorings
    Since ever at the service of Italian companies of extracts and flavours
  • Alcoholic
    More than 100 botanicals to flavour recipes of spirits and infusions
  • Food
    When herbs and spices can give true colour and taste to products
  • Cosmetic
    All the herbs of the world at the service of beauty
  • Zootechnical and petfood
    Zootechnical and petfood
    From nature a great help for the animals welfare

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Bauer arrives at In-Vitality and Making Cosmetics

On 20th and 21st of November Bauer will be present at the In-Vitality fair, the new event launched by Milano Congressi.