Botanical solution

Our team examines crops and suppliers on-site and conducts accurate laboratory analyses. We ensure high consistency and maximum safety for each product type. We have dedicated and specialised divisions for different sales channels.

Herbal products

Herbal products

Bauer carefully evaluates each new crop

We only select the lots that meet the analytical and organoleptic quality standards of leading companies in the industry. The Bauer range caters to all customers by offering an extensive range of herbs in the formats required by the herbal industry, such as herbal tea-cut and filter size.

Our R&D department, headed by a Herbalist Technician, develops new herbal tea blends and provides consultations on functional aspects, organoleptic properties, and taste.

Food sector

Careful analytical inspections of goods

Our products are sourced from around the world and made available only after meticulous checks. Our quality department is constantly updated on various alerts related to non-compliant products. Bauer enables food companies to focus on their own processing activities and rest assured that the product has undergone rigorous testing.

Our new certification, FSSC22000, guarantees that Bauer’s processes comply with the strictest quality standards for the food sector supply chain. We process herbs into the product that best suits our customers’ needs, including powders and cuts grounded to different particle sizes. We also carry out blends according to the customers’ recipes.

Extracts & Flavours

Our strength

This sector represents the Bauer’s strong point. The company has a diverse customer portfolio comprising Italian and international businesses that are major producers of bitters, vermouth and bitter aperitifs.

Bauer can supply large quantities of commonly used plants in this industry and can also create blends based on customers’ recipes with the help of our Herbalist Technician. Additionally, Bauer has its own historic recipes for vermouth and bitter aperitifs be used as a base by customers who want to create their own blends.


Adding value for industry operators

Bauer’s use of the most valuable dyeing and functional plants, such as Henna from India, Egypt, and Iran, meets the standards required by the cosmetic and textile industries. Our ability to create dyeing mixtures based on customers’ recipes or Bauer’s historic blends adds value for operators in the industry, allowing them to solely focus on creating new products. Bauer processes raw materials, making them available in various particle sizes and micronised powders.


We offer the perfect mix to achieve excellence

Bauer provides a range of 140 herbs and spices in 1 kg packs for retail stores, which can be shipped within 3 days.

We source flavours, aromas and fragrances from all over the world, and also offer traditional spice blends like hot curry, roast and grill seasoning, and goulash spice mixes. The quality of our ingredients and accurate blends sets them apart from other products in the market. We work together to seek the perfect recipe for excellence.

Livestock industry
& Pet food

We focus on natural well-being

Bauer is also involved in the animal feed industry, where we carefully select the most suitable herbs and create mixtures that companies develop for their customers.

Our natural products are used in animal nutrition for the purpose of improving pets’ health. Additionally, Bauer collaborates with veterinarians in the livestock sector to offer natural products that promote the health and welfare of animals.