The story of our company dates back to 1884, when Ludwig Bauer and his sons Hans and Bruno acquired a business that dealt with chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and medicinal herbs. They aimed to turn the business into a leader in the industry.

Our history

Despite facing the adversities caused by two World Wars the company thrived thanks to the business contacts made overseas and the company’s strategic position in Trieste, the largest and most powerful port of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Based in Gradisca d’Isonzo in the province of Gorizia, Bauer is a VeNetWork Group subsidiary. Today, our group consists of a network of 73 entrepreneurs from the Triveneto area. We support and develop high-potential projects that help companies grow through promoting business culture, financing and developing new activities that generate economic, professional, and cultural value. Our efforts have a positive employment impact in the area.

Our mission

Bauer is a reliable partner for liquor, herbal, and food companies thanks to our combination of traditional expertise in herbs and spices with modern knowledge, organisational skills, strategic vision, and in-depth market knowledge.